The Details are Everything

“The details are not the details, they make the product,”wrote Charles & Ray Eames. It is one of the phrases that we believe the most and as such we do not spare efforts to make Casa da Comporta one of the best destinations and starting points for exploring Comporta. From the new pool furniture, great for enjoying the warm spring sun, to the new towels and the beautiful plants surrounding the house, we never stop thinking of our guests and how they can enjoy this authentic southern Europe paradise. Come discover what's new at Casa da Comporta in the coming spring!

The Perfect Bathrooms to Relax

Like all spaces of Casa da Comporta, the bathrooms are especially appealing for the attention to small details, that make all the difference, and because they are ideal for relaxation. After a day enjoying the beauty of the countryside or the surrounding beaches, the bathroom of the master bedroom, for example, is perfect to relax and prepare for an overnight near the pool watching the beautiful starry sky of Comporta!


The Perfect Bedrooms

After a day at the beach or walking through the countryside, resting is essential to be prepared to explore one of the most beautiful areas of southern Europe the next day. The rooms at Casa da Comporta are prepared for the perfect rest, be it for the comfortable beds or the soothing décor of each one of the spaces. While in the master bedroom, the sculptural wooden bed and the suspension lamps coming from the Amazon are the perfect excuse to stay the morning in bed, the other rooms provide the ideal setting to relax!


From Ubud with Love

Ubud is a major artistic center in Bali and the point of origin of the beautiful bases of the dining and low table at Casa da Comporta. During a trip to this amazing island in Indonesia, we could not resist and brought these sculptural wooden bases, which could not have better combined with the eclectic and relaxed atmosphere of Casa da Comporta.

Although they come from the other side of the world, the bases won a new life in the modern interiors of the house, being the center of attention in the dining area and living room.

Dining table base

Dining table base


The Masks

The architect Pedro Ferreira Pinto designed the interiors of Casa da Comporta with great simplicity, giving special emphasis to the materials and the freedom that the wide spaces provide. This frugality turned out to be the ideal backdrop for an eclectic and tactile decor, which transformed Casa da Comporta in a warm and elegant space.

The african masks, placed in one of the common areas, became the symbol of the house, showing the passion that owners have for travelling. Having been found as far away as Mozambique or the Marché aux Puces in Paris, the masks show an unique cultural character, setting the mood for the rest of Casa da Comporta’s decor.