Beaches & Comporta

In this video from the french channel M6, Comporta area is shown as one of the most desirable destinations in Europe. Casa da Comporta, also featured, is the perfect place to enjoy this exclusive destination. Within walking distance to one of Portugal’s best west coast beaches, Praia do Pego, the house has it all, being located between the sea and the countryside, with great views of the Arrábida hills, the surrounding fields and the lavender and rosemary-scented pine woods. Nearby you can go horse riding or dolphin watching on the Sado estuary or golf at the new exclusive 18-hole golf course at Troia, located at a few kms distance from Casa da Comporta.

With its 60 km of pristine golden sand beaches, wonderful weather, delicious food, trendy hippie chic restaurants, history and untouched nature, Comporta is the place to be if you want to relax in one of the the most amazing places in southern Europe. Simple but with very very good taste, it is discrete and yet trendy and charming, is pure countryside with walking distance from the best beaches on the planet, conveniently close to Lisbon but far enough to be calm and exclusive, it is quiet however full of things to do (food, fishing, wine tasting, horses, golf, surf and shopping).

OUT & ABOUT: for the best fish In the world go to QUIM (+351 914 739 404) or ISMAEL in Carrasqueira (+351 912 599 873) // for gourmet products GOMES in Comporta (+351 265 497 177) // the happy hour at LAVANDA in Comporta or SUBLIME in Muda // for shopping in Comporta the best places are LAVANDA, COTÉ SUD, INXALÁ, TMCOLLECTION, FIO DE ÁGUA,  LOJA DO MUSEU DO ARROZ, trendy fashion shops located in a recovered bakery and rice warehouses with great brands, also try LOJA DE CÁ in Carvalhal // JÚNIOR in Carvalhal for international newspapers, magazines and gifts // the trendy restaurants MUSEU DO ARROZ (+351 265 497 555) and SAL at Pego beach (+ 351 265 490 129), the best food at DONA BIA (+351 265 497 557), the saturday night music at COMPORTA CAFÉ (+351 265 490 513), DINIS at Carvalhal beach (+351 265 497 023), ILHA DO ARROZ(+351 265 490 510), BARCO DO SADO (+351 91 755 1615) // activities massage or manicure and pedicure at home // at the beach and bicycle rides through the countryside // picnics in a desert beach only 10 minutes away and watching the sunset at the beach just around the corner // yoga and meditation in the rice Fields at YOGA SHALA (+351 913 257 610) // dolphin watching and sailing with VERTIGEM AZUL (+351 917 843 304) // fishing & scuba diving in Porto Côvo with ECO ALGA (+351 964 620 394) // golf course in Tróia (+351 265 494 024) // horse riding in Torre with CAVALOS NA AREIA (+351 919 002 545) and Passeios a Cavalo (+351 917 474 865 or +351 917 893 969) // jeep and sidecars rides with SadoArrabida (+351 265 490 406 or +351 915 560 342 SURF SCHOOL in Carvalhal // hot air balloons with WIND PASSENGER (+351 927 585 536) or BARLAVENTO BALLOONS (+351 914 532 300), request in advance and they come near you.

Watch the sunset at the beach ‘just around the corner’.

Majority of the photos above by Monocle Magazine and Condé Nast Traveller, which published the article 'Cool Comporta', that featured Casa da Comporta.